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Follow My Cryptocurrency Investments

Follow My Crypto Investments

Over the coming weeks, I will be building a new crypto investment portfolio using a $50,000 real-money account.

In this account, I will be looking for massive returns.

My goal is to turn this account into $500,000 to $5 million using just cryptocurrencies.

Follow along, as I pick the best cryptocurrencies to invest in.

It's another benefit of being a Trader University Premium subscriber.

As a subscriber, not only do you get access to all of my courses, including:

  • Learn to Trade Stocks Like a Pro
  • Swing Trading with Options
  • Make Money with IPOs

You will now also get a peak inside of my secret crypto investment account.

You will get to see:

  • Every single crypto trade and investment that I make in this account
  • My favorite brokers for cryptocurrencies
  • How I adjust my portfolio to optimize it for maximum profits
  • How to use crypto to build true wealth over time

Whenever I make a new investment or trade, I will upload a new video or post an update on what I'm doing, complete with screenshots of my actual crypto trading account.

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My Favorite Crypto Brokers
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Investment Update (7 August 2019)
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Investment Update (15 August 2019)
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Investment Update (28 August 2019)
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Investment Update (25 September 2019)
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Investment Update (14 October 2019)
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Investment Update (21 October 2019)
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Investment Update (26 October 2019)
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Investment Update (28 October 2019)
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Investment Update (7 November 2019)
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How to Profit from Bitcoin Futures Contango
Investment Update (1 December 2019).mp4
Investment Update (1 December 2019)
Investment Update (14 January 2020).mp4
Investment Update (14 January 2020)
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How to Move Your Bitcoin to a Hardware Wallet