Discover The Bitcoin Revolution

Hi there!

My name is Matthew Kratter.

I am the founder of Trader University, and the best-selling author of multiple Amazon books on trading and investing.

Trader University started off as a place where I could share the trading and investment strategies that I've learned over the past 25 years, including my time spent working at large hedge funds.

Beginning in late 2019, I began to go down the Bitcoin rabbit hole.

This obsession with Bitcoin has basically taken over my entire life, as well as my YouTube channel, which now focuses almost exclusively on Bitcoin and related global macro events:

While I continue to make my trading courses available on this site, all of my newest content is related to Bitcoin and can be found primarily in this advanced Bitcoin course:

In my free time, I enjoy skiing and hiking in the Rockies with my wife, kids, and dogs.

I am glad that you found Trader University.

I am here to help you understand Bitcoin, the economy, and the financial markets at a deeper level.

Bitcoin is the greatest revolution of our lifetime, and I feel blessed to be able to participate in sharing Bitcoin education with the world.